Freeman Beauty #BAREFOOTbliss


It’s been so hot lately! After last weekend of cool weather, the PNW is now burning up in the upper 80’s for the last couple of days. So I been wearing mostly skirts, flowly dresses and shorts (which I can) everyday! Along with only sandals!

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At Sunrise

photo (2)
Morning all. It’s about 6 am, no, sorry it’s 5:35. I just looked at my phone and I pretty much just woke up as you can see from my photo (below). I’m currently at my parents house on the island and I’m a bit tired

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Bulu Box


So late last month I signed up for another product subscription. This time, a bit different. I saw a post from a friend on Facebook and decided to give Bulu Box a 3-month trial.

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Turn It Up


It’s been a while since I ordered anything from Sephora. Almost three months, but I had all the necessary beauty items I needed, until now! Which was great timing since it was also around my birthday when I ordered. Yay, birthday gift-y!

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December Must-Have


   Got my PopSugar December Must have last weekend, which was pretty early then usual. But it was great to recieve and pretend it was a early Christmas gift… to myself. This time around they have some great stuff to send out!

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Lucky Ones


I took a couple days off from work, so I also decided to take a break from being online! I think I may have posted one or two things on my tweeter account, but I mainly stayed away from the net and my phone. It was real nice to take a break. It was pretty much an extended weekend with very little distractions. I didn’t even go very far from the house!
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Brume Parfumée

I’m usually not the type to wear much fragrances. It wasn’t until recently I started at least putting some on for special outing and events.

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