LA Girl Color Pop Cornflower Nail Polish


So while staying in bed on Sunday with a slight fever, I decided it was a fine time to paint my nails using one of my new nail polish I got the previous Friday. You know, during my stress-relieving shopping (see post here.) I decided to go with the blue nail-polish color called Cornflower by LA Girl.

Even though I got it on clearance (I think they typically retail for about $2.99, I’m not sure), it’s still a good nail polish at a reasonable price.It’s quite a nice color. It looks even better outside in the natural light. I did have to do the typical two coats with a clear top coat, but definitely a good color I don’t currently have in my nail polish collection. Which reminds me that I still need to re-organize my nail polishes, toss out the really old ones and build them some shelving.

Life, Loves and Sick Sunday


::LIFE:: Lots of major change up happened at work and now one of my co-workers in my department has to go home to the Philippines because her mom’s in the hospital. She’s going to be gone for two weeks. I didn’t know until Friday. Then my MacBook Pro nearly blacked-out and had me in a panic. And if you read my post on Friday, you’d know it miraculously worked after a couple of hours.

::LOVES:: I’m totally loving Epicuren Discovery Lip Balm. Since it’s winter and I had my heater going, the air in my apartment tends to dry out very quickly. So do my lips. This lip balm is so nice and soothing. I typically put it on before I go to bed since my lip will crack during the night and then right after I brush my teeth in the morning. This is such a lifesaver!

::SICK SUNDAY:: I was sneezing and blowing my nose quite a bit on Saturday, but today (Sunday) I just feel so tired. And my chest feel a little bit weight down. So I’m pretty much taking a break day and trying to just spend the day in bed. I did go out a bit early and do the grocery shopping I need to get done. It wasn’t too bad, but I just felt like I need to go home and take a nap. Which I did and will probably do right after I finish this post. But I’m getting loads of things done that I was planning on doing before my computer decided that it didn’t want to work that day.

Going Natural


A couple of years ago, when I finally stopped chemically home straightening my hair, I decided to give my hair a bit of a break from it all (and the flat-iron) and attempt to go curly! Now, every year I try to do it for a least a month or two, typically during the summer months. But being inspired by some YouTube videos, I decided to start again this weekend. Thank goodness, Target had some good discounts on my favorite SheaMositure Coconut & Hibiscus Haircare products. I was using their Curl Enhancing Smoothie, but when I saw that my local Target carried SheaMositures’s Curling Gel Soufflé I decided to give that one a go. I might need to go back (hopefully before the sale price ends) and get the Hold & Shine Mist. We will have to see if after giving my hair a deep conditioning with Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack. If my hair has enough moisture, then I won’t have to. I’ll try to get pictures of my hair with curls, but no promises that it will be right away.

So the YouTube Videos I am referring to are below. First on is by the super pretty SunKissAlba (I wish my hair was long like hers!) and the next one is by Tasha Green which she just posted this week! Yay!

Frosty Vox Box Beauty Goods


So I had originally planned on writing about the beauty products found in the #FrostyVoxBox right after the treat post, but life and other posts got in the way. Let me tell you, I’ve got a list of post I’ve need to get started on!

Out of all the beauty/hair products included in the Vox Box there are two items I love, two that were okay, and one I was super disappointed in. One of the biggest item in the box and the one that disappointment me the most was the hairbrush. The Eco Hair Brush that was sent in my package was the Full Volume Styler. It was suppose to dry hair 20% faster and has frizz and static fighting design. Even before I tried it on my filipino/african-american hair, I suspected it wouldn’t work and I was right. It’s possible that one of their other products would work better with my hair type, but not this one.

The next two are good products but just ones that I wouldn’t go first to use. The NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum glides on easily and gives out great color. It’s suppose to have “shine that lasts up to six hours” but I notice it fading after one and had to retouch which is really annoying since I’m not much of lipstick kind of gal. I’ll definitely use this on special occasions but not for everyday wear. Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover was one item I was glad to receive since I had just used the last of my other one. It works great removing my makeup except for my waterproof mascara. I really felt like I had to “scrub” the remover with the pad several times before it felt like it had came off. Definitely going to stick with my Boot Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover.

Now my favorites. Rimmel Scadeleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner is fantastic! It’s a thick pencil with an incredible pigment. It goes one wonderfully easy. I love using this eyeliner when I don’t want to pull out my liquid liner and in a bit of a hurry. Definitely will buy this one when I run out. The last beauty item in the box was a sample packet of No.7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum. It’s such a nice cream and my skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards. And since they included a coupon looks like someone is buying the full size real soon.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own personal views, and do not represent the views of any company or organization with which I may be affiliated.

Frosty VoxBox: Green Tea & Sweet Treats


Just in time for the holidays, my VoxBox arrived among parcels of Christmas gifts! The Frosty Box has a good mesh of beauty products and food items. Most of the items were quite good and I would probably buy them in the future!


The first two items I opened are the Celestial Candy Cane Lane Green Tea and the Fruit Vines Bites. Both delicious! I love tea, but usually I only stick to with simple basic teas. However, this green tea was refreshing with a hint of peppermint. Very nice on a warm winter day. But I think my favorites were the Fruit Vines! Super tasty and didn’t last long on the 5 hour road trip to Portland between three people. They were sweet and reminded me a lot of Red Vines. I really like how they are already bite size. Definitely going to buy them again when I seem them in the stores!

This is just the first part of the #FrostyVoxBox. Tomorrow I’ll give you all a review of the skin care and beauty products I received, and soon after a recipe using the thyme seasoning!


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own personal views, and do not represent the views of any company or organization with which I may be affiliated.

Pre-Christmas Haul

141224-RecentHauls_06So after doing the rresponsiblething on payday (paying all the bills) I started on the finishing touches to my Christmas gift shopping. Which included getting me an items or two, or more. While at the Tacoma Mall with H I got some new sweaters and a new dress for the company Christmas Dinner party. I wanted a dress that I could use later on. Last year I wore a gold glittery skirt and haven’t worn it since. Really want to, but need another party to go. I found this Faux Leather Skater Dress along with the dark grey sweater at Forever 21! The middle sweater I brought from Walmart which is crazy. Usually I never like any clothing from there and typically don’t buy them save some workout pants. I saw this and really love the style and colors. It look especially nice with my black skater skirt and boots.


I also brought some new cosmetic items: two I really needed and one, no so much. The Sonia Kashuk Cosmetic case was one I needed. I was looking for her two-tiered case, but my local Target didn’t’ have it. So I went with the single case since it has a brush holder on the top. When I packed it with all my makeup for the trip to Portland it was quite full, but I was still able to zip it up! I also needed some makeup remover, but the eye shadow by Profusion was on a holiday sale. It’s a very natural set. It goes from matte to a bit shiny, nothing too flashy!


Even though I am older, I still really like games and toys. Legos are one toy that every one, young and old, loves to play with! I so excited to see these Simpon’s Minifigures from Legos at Fred Meyer’s. I brought two: one for me and on for my BFF since I don’t believe they have a Freddy’s in Oahu. I could be wrong though.


As you can see I got Marge… I wonder what E got!


The last bits I brought was a new blue skirt, another white sweater and this mug from Starbuck’s holiday line Dot. I love coffee mugs and tea cups. It was one of two left at the Starbucks near my office. Man, as soon as those were on sale, every man, woman and child in town brought them! There was one with red stars I also wanted, but this one is still good. I’ve used it everyday now!

Tomorrow I’ll post about my Christmas haul! I didn’t get a huge haul, but I did get things I really need and I got to see my little sister and niece (and the rest of my family)! Though every time I was playing Sienna (my niece, two months old), whenever I ask “how was my favorite girl” and my sister would answer: “Oh, I’m doing alright, but should you be more concern about your niece.” Does anybody else have that problem?