Freeman Beauty #BAREFOOTbliss


It’s been so hot lately! After last weekend of cool weather, the PNW is now burning up in the upper 80’s for the last couple of days. So I been wearing mostly skirts, flowly dresses and shorts (which I can) everyday! Along with only sandals!

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Moments Like this….



So it has been a while since I last check on some of the blogs I follow, so I was super happy to see Sara Mari’s recent updates to her blog, Moments Like Diamonds.

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At Sunrise

photo (2)
Morning all. It’s about 6 am, no, sorry it’s 5:35. I just looked at my phone and I pretty much just woke up as you can see from my photo (below). I’m currently at my parents house on the island and I’m a bit tired

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Knead & Squeeze Birthday

PreBirthday-Office Celebration

It was my day yesterday! Yup, another year older and I got to wear a crown! Well, on Friday at least , when we celebrated my birthday at work!

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Purple Lace


Had a bit of time yesterday before bed to finally do my nails!

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Turn up the music, bounce.


It’s early, I know. But I’ve been up since about 4, and don’t need to be at work till about 7 (which by the way, my office, only 3 minutes away, so I’m not in a total rush!)

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Wedding Hairstyles


So the wedding is in less than two weeks. 11 days to be exact, and my sister is currently calm. For now. Let’s see what happens when I pick her up at the train station Saturday. So while she has a good idea for her hair and makeup (I’m going to try to go to her consultation on Wednesday, but I work, so…), I’ve been researching on my own.

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