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Wedding Hairstyles


So the wedding is in less than two weeks. 11 days to be exact, and my sister is currently calm. For now. Let’s see what happens when I pick her up at the train station Saturday. So while she has a good idea for her hair and makeup (I’m going to try to go to her consultation on Wednesday, but I work, so…), I’ve been researching on my own.

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Going Red


Currently my hair is a very dark auburn color since I’ve been spending a lot of time outside in the wonderful. So I decided that it might be a good time to color my hair. I haven’t really colored my hair since college, and even then, I went with a bright red since I didn’t have a job public job. I was  an assistant in one of my university libraries.

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Pretty in Punk with Warehouse + Oasis

I love me some punk stylings! When I was younger I used to wear them all the time. Of course the parental-unit wasn’t too trilled with it, but it was my own clothes, I brought with my own money. Can’t complain. Now I just incorporate them into my work clothes even though my office is pretty lax with the way we dress, but can’t go to overboard. Usually just a bracelet or earrings. And occasionally the leather jacket on Fridays.


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Birthday Weekend


So birthday weekend was good. Nothing too exciting since my parents really never want to do anything grand for our birthdays. Since I knew they weren’t going to make it special or at least something that I would enjoy, I planned out a great day of playing with the mutt, having Asian buffet with friends and then a hike up near the fort!

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