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Golden Ears

Golden Ears
Since getting my ear pierced a 2nd time, I’ve been searching for more studded earrings than ever before…

…And I did a bit of shopping


It had been a really long time since I went shopping for myself since the wedding. Well other than for food. So since we were already down in south Seattle, we might as well check out the mall without the kids.

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Combat Boots!


I’m currently obsessed right now with searching for the perfect combat boots.

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Shoe In: Frida Platform Wedges


Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 12.20.45 PMFrida Platform Sandals by Mia

It’s finally summer weather in the PNW which means sandals time! Yay! I was really getting tired of wearing my boots due to the cold, wet weather we had! And I no longer have to wear sweaters to work. Awesome!

Pretty in Punk with Warehouse + Oasis

I love me some punk stylings! When I was younger I used to wear them all the time. Of course the parental-unit wasn’t too trilled with it, but it was my own clothes, I brought with my own money. Can’t complain. Now I just incorporate them into my work clothes even though my office is pretty lax with the way we dress, but can’t go to overboard. Usually just a bracelet or earrings. And occasionally the leather jacket on Fridays.


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Raise Your Glass

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 12.26.03 PMSkechers Women’s Plus 3-Raise Your Glass Sneaker • $30

I really need more wedge sneakers in my life.