Instagram Foodies to Follow

150119-FoodInstagrammers-03Sometimes we all need a little help to figure out what to have for dinner or lunch. Sometimes it’s just nice to stare at other peoples’ food and drool. Here are my favorite Foodie Instagram accounts who have some of the most mouth watering dishes posted. Its a good mixtures of healthy eating & yummy desserts!

cleaneatz // Fitness and health journey inspiring you to eat healthier, workout harder, and feel good. // Calorie friendly, healthy, but yummy dishes.

feelgoodfoodie // Sharing clean “feelgood” recipes. The desserts. OMG. Just saying.

150119-FoodInstagrammers-02food52 // everything you need to eat, live better and be happier cooks. I love their baking creations, makes me wish I had a large (better) oven.

pinchofyum // Gorgeous food. Makes you drool all over you phone.

carolineadobo // Pinoy cook with these fantastic shots of food and ingredients elegantly placed.


amyspieceofcake // Indian-Swedish food blogger who loves to cook and bake! Need we say anymore!

fithealthyrecipes // She post healthy recipes on her Instagram, but also has another account where she post workouts! Very inspirational!

healthychefsteph // She showcase healthy, clean food with an active lifestyle

Those are my favorites and after writing this I’m really hungry. Any other Instagrams I should follow, I love finding new people to follow!

Life, Loves and Sick Sunday


::LIFE:: Lots of major change up happened at work and now one of my co-workers in my department has to go home to the Philippines because her mom’s in the hospital. She’s going to be gone for two weeks. I didn’t know until Friday. Then my MacBook Pro nearly blacked-out and had me in a panic. And if you read my post on Friday, you’d know it miraculously worked after a couple of hours.

::LOVES:: I’m totally loving Epicuren Discovery Lip Balm. Since it’s winter and I had my heater going, the air in my apartment tends to dry out very quickly. So do my lips. This lip balm is so nice and soothing. I typically put it on before I go to bed since my lip will crack during the night and then right after I brush my teeth in the morning. This is such a lifesaver!

::SICK SUNDAY:: I was sneezing and blowing my nose quite a bit on Saturday, but today (Sunday) I just feel so tired. And my chest feel a little bit weight down. So I’m pretty much taking a break day and trying to just spend the day in bed. I did go out a bit early and do the grocery shopping I need to get done. It wasn’t too bad, but I just felt like I need to go home and take a nap. Which I did and will probably do right after I finish this post. But I’m getting loads of things done that I was planning on doing before my computer decided that it didn’t want to work that day.

Stress Relief Mini-Haul


For a brief time, I didn’t know if I was going to post anything today or not. I had made plans with myself to go to Starbucks and work on today’s post and start on a couple of ones I was thinking about, but my computer had other plans. Black screen. So I restart, I hear it chime in. White flash, then black. I did this several times before I started to panic… a little. Okay, go home. Maybe it doesn’t like the charger you are using. I went home. Tried it again. Several times. Black screen.

At this point, completely panicking. Tried some DIY fixes I found on the web via my phone, but nothing. Even a call to Apple support line didn’t help fix whatever was going on with my computer. I did however know that it wasn’t the hard-drive, but blacklight of the screen. The local Apple contracted computer shop nearby had a tech that would check it out, but wouldn’t be able to till Monday.

So, to relive the stress of all that, I did what every other gal would do. I went out and shopped. I mean, I had to get some things like dishwashing liquid and toilet paper. I also got some goodies to help me feel a bit better.

At Rite-Aid, I got the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser and the two L.A. Girl Color Pop Nail polish in Cornflower (the blueish one) and Wild Child. I heard good things about the Pore Eraser and how it is similar to Benefit’s POREfessional. I really excited to use this one.

There were quite a bit of cosmetics on clearance, but the ones I really wanted to spend money on were already gone. Sad. But I did find these two nail polish for less than a dollar each. Since I wasn’t really too sure about the formula, I only pick up these to colors. If they work out well, I might go back tomorrow and grab some of the other colors they had left. If there are any left by tomorrow.

I also stopped in to TJ Max, but there wasn’t any makeup or skincare products that caught my eye so I got myself a 9.5″ crepe pan by Il Mulino and Barney Butter Bare Almond Butter. ‘Cause almond butter always makes me feel better.

Then in a funny (not funny) moment, I decided to see if I can at least hook my laptop to my tv via the video port and it completely boots up without going black. WTF.

What’s in My Gym Bag!

Gym Bay ContentsThe gym bag. My most dedicated bag I have. I got my current bag ages ago at the stadium flea market in Hawaii. I had originally planned on using it as my weekend / carry-on bag, but alas, it has become my gym bag. And approximately 6 days a week it is with me to the gym, carrying all the necessities I need to make a workout great:

  1. Adidas Marathon 10 / these are my current gym shoes and I only use them at the gym. When I go for long outdoor runs, I use my Nike, but for the gym I use my adidas! I got these back in September, I think, when I visited my sister in Portland. She had a discount coupon at employee store (she nor her husband work there, but they do get coupons for special days). Since they weren’t on planning to use it and I needed some new shoes, she gave it to me to use.
  2. Water Bottle / Always need to have a water bottle with me at the gym. And I love the one I current carry around with be ‘cause it have measurement on the side so I know how much water I’ve been or need to drink!
  3. Yurbuds / Before I found Yurbuds, I was using the cheap “fitness” hook over the ear earbuds and I found that those were more annoying while running. Now my last three workout earbuds have been Yurbuds. I love them, and these guys are slightly better than my last pair. one) they have magnets at the ear piece so they “stick” together and two) they come with a bag to store them in. Some of other styles come with volume and speaker controls.
  4. Phone Armband / I actually got these at TJ Maxx. (Oh, BTW, my current Yurbuds are from Amazon, but I’ve gotten them before at TJ Maxx for half the cost! Hot tip!). I got it to replace the more expensive one I got at Fred Meyer’s that only lasted me three months.
  5. Makeup/Skincare/Shower Clutch / I bought this clear plastic makeup bag at Target and it stores: deodorant, dry shampoo, acne control moisturizer, small container of conditioner, some BB cream and some black eyeliner. Oh, and makeup remover towelettes.

So, what’s always in yours?

At Home Dumbbell Workout


I’m a total gymrat! I’m usually there everyday right after I get off work and I’m there for an hour or more.  Especially when I’m training for a race like a 10k or half-marathon, but there are times when running outside or just being at home is more appealing. Since for the longest time I only had dumbbells, I researched workouts that utilized them and didn’t disturbed my downstairs neighbors much. I love this at home workout as it works the whole body and you can use them with or without weights. And, if you are so incline, you can do a quick 20-minute run around your neighborhood to round out your day!

Wardrobe Essential: Ballet Flats


Life, Loves and… Nights out


::LIFE:: Since revamping my workouts and cutting out dairy from my diet, I’m back to my pre-holiday weight. Yay! I’m switching my evening workouts between long runs (45 minutes to 1-hour long) and strength & cardio (30-minute strength/lifting and 20-35 minute cardio). The week was pretty quiet until the end, when some things dropped at worked after I left the office. Tomorrow is going to be interesting..

::LOVES:: Last month I started watching a lot of YouTube vloggers, specifically Vlogmas 2014. I don’t know how and where it started, but somewhere in the hours I discovered Lily Pebbles‘ videos. I love her videos! I spent most of my weekends in December catching up and now super excited when she post a new one. She is also inspired me to get back into blogging (and the possibility of vlogging).

::NIGHTS OUT:: Went out Friday with H up to Bellingham. Well, with what went down at work on Friday, it started a bit earlier at the Trainwreck. After a quick change and pee break, we heading up to the Greenfrog to see her friend’s band play. It was a great evening and I found some new (to me) local bands to listen to: Medici - Brian HillmanJamie Nova Band. I really enjoyed Medici and Jamie Nova Band. Brian Hillman was good, but didn’t make me want to find out more, you know.

So guys, how was your week?